Cowboy Ninja


(Character color sketch by Serafleur) Cowboy Ninja Series Summary Pat loves adventures, but when she and her family move out West, she finds herself surrounded by crooked cowboys, bounty hunters,…

Traveling Japan: Ekiben


As if the trains weren’t fun enough, enter the legendary ekibens or train bentos, of which there are hundreds of varieties, regionally designed. Read all about my tasty adventures on…

Traveling Japan: Public Transportation


I love trains, especially in Japan, where you can get pretty much anywhere on them. With a magical Japan Rail Pass, getting there becomes more than half the fun. Read…

Traveling Japan: Learning Japanese


I’ve been to Japan a few times throughout my life, and my grandparents spoke Japanese fluently, so it seemed a waste not to learn the language. I made my last…

Traveling Taiwan: Complete Collection


Interested in visiting Taiwan? I highly recommend it. Not only is it a safe and affordable experience, it’s also fun and extremely beautiful–the island wasn’t nicknamed Formosa for no reason….