Visiting Bodie Ghost Town

Doing research for Cowboy Ninja at Bodie, California — a gold rush ghost town from the American Old West.

The town that Pat and the Cowboy Ninja reside in is a quaint little place called Tawny. It’s known for being a safe town, a family friendly town.

Bodie was the complete opposite of Tawny. When Will Body found gold in those hills, people from all over the world flocked to make their fortune. What emerged from this rag tag amalgamation of diverse people all sharing the same streak of greed or hope for a brighter future was a town of about 10,000+ people in 1880, around the time of the Cowboy Ninja story, and it wasn’t a family friendly town at all. Every morning, people asked “Have a man for breakfast?” meaning “So who died last night?” And a little girl who was moving to Bodie reportedly wrote in her diary “Goodbye God, I’m going to Bodie.” With 65 saloons, opium dens, and a flourishing red light district along Bonanza Ave, Bodie was the Sin City of its time.

With such a “colorful” history, I feel that Cowboy Ninja needs to visit this old town at least in one of the series installments, because there’s just too much potential conflict here for a writer to pass up.