Hyper Hamster Fun

I love animals. I’ve had 12 dogs at one time and over 20 over my lifetime. I played with stray cats, chased frogs, grown tadpoles, and love holding baby rabbits in the palm of my hand and petting their tiny heads with a single finger. When I was a kid, I read Black Beauty, Black Stallion, White Colt, and any horse books I could get my hands on. I spent countless hours pouring over dog breed books, watching National Geographic nature specials, and reading biology books for fun. I visited the LA zoo again and again and even road an elephant, giraffe, and camel there. I didn’t end up becoming a vet, but I think if I had, I would be a darn good one. Right now, I have two lovely and adorable little kitties that are the best for hugs. I saw the two hamsters above in the video at a pet store. If I didn’t have two cats that may eat them, I might have brought them home with me right on the spot. ^_^