Reading Old West Literature

Louis L'Amour

In my research for Cowboy Ninja, I read books on history but I aso read old west literature, and one of the books I read was Tales of the Old West I & II. I even reviewed them on GoodReads. These were a compilation of stories from Zane Grey, Max Brand, and Louis L’Amour. It was just what the doctor ordered. I actually didn’t discover these books and writers until after I wrote the first Cowboy Ninja, but as I read them, I felt immediately the that we were writing in the same genre, and I don’t just mean American Old West tales.

I’d read some other Old West writing, including dime novels, and some of it was either too serious or, in the case of the dime novel, way too silly. But these guys wrote tales that had a balance between pop adventure and legend sensibilities with a foundation of serious human experience story telling. I felt that was what I had done with Cowboy Ninja, fun and adventurous but with some serious concepts and content.

I just had a blast reading Brand, L’Amour, and Grey, and have a lot of their books on my reading list for future enjoyment and Cowboy Ninja research. It will really help me get into the right mood for my own stories.

I saw the above pictured collection of leather bound Louis L’Amour books and I was sad I just don’t have the space at home to house such a lovely library. I look forward to a day when I can have more time to lounge and enjoy reading a physical book at leisure like I used to do when I was younger, but for now, I make do with ebooks and audio books on the go. Yeehaw. ^_^