Traveling Taiwan: Language (Part 1 of 24)

When I travel, I really like to look up the experiences of other travelers as well. Often, I gravitate towards the more professionally done media, such as a Lonely Planet production on YouTube. However, I really appreciate high quality, well-put-together media from travelers as well because it gives a more street-wise traveler’s perspective, which I find much more helpful as I plan for the possible perils of travel in a foreign country, even if it is the one of my birth.

This past Winter 2013, I served as a semi-tour guide for some American friends to Taiwan. I’ve started a series on where I share my travels to inform others who may be interested in traveling to Formosa (Beautiful Island in Portuguese) in the near future. You can read the first post of the series by clicking Traveling Taiwan: Language (Part 1 of 24).