The Great American Road Trip: Zion Mountain Ranch (Part 2 of 7)

Zion Mt. Ranch 4

We originally wanted to stay in the lodge in Zion, which we may do in the future, but of course it was all booked by the time we checked. Happily, we found a gorgeous alternative that offered a luxury rustic experience at Zion Mountain Ranch. There’s actually so much to cover about this ranch lodgings that I had to split it into three parts: general ranch, cabin, and backyard. Yes, the backyard needed its own post. It’s that awesome. But more on that later.

First, let’s establish the ambiance and amenities. The whole ranch hugs a fenced off buffalo reserve where a herd of about 50 buffalos roam and graze to give it an ambiance that you can’t get inside Zion National Park. As you can see, they add a sort of picturesque touch to the already gorgeous Old West environ.

Zion Mt. Ranch 8

The buffalo are wild, so petting is not recommended, but they come right up to the fence, so you can get some pretty close up pictures of them and smell their B.O. and everything.

Zion Mt. Ranch 9

Aside from the signature buffalo, there are plenty of other animals that add to the feel of the place, such as ducks, chickens, and horses. Horse rides are available at really reasonable prices.

Zion Mt. Ranch 3

Zion Mt. Ranch 5

Zion Mt. Ranch 6

Probably the star attraction, yes, even more so than the buffalo, are the mini Shetland ponies they have in a tiny corral. They’re adorable, pet-able, and hungry. If you’re lucky, you’ll see one of the new ranch employees initiating into the job by trying to ride the rambunctious white stallion.

Shetland Pony 1

Shetland Pony 2

Shetland Pony 3

Strewn about are some items of times past, such as old dilapidated wagons, that add to the nostalgic atmosphere.

Zion Mt Ranch 1

Zion Mt. Ranch 2

The ponds and watering holes add to the countryside feel and also provide for some gorgeous reflective views.

Zion Mt. Ranch 10

Zion Mt. Ranch 7

The main building has a gift shop in the reception area that has snacks, drinks, clothing, gear, and some pretty unique gift items.

Zion Mt Ranch 11

Also, there is a Buffalo Grill restaurant on site that serves really delicious food. All the ingredients are fresh and much of it grown right on the ranch, and you can really taste the difference. The buffalo burger and key lime pie were tasty, and if you can get in one of their breakfast buffets, the herbal biscuits are to die for.

Zion Mt. Ranch buffalo burger

Zion Mt. Ranch key lime pie

Next up, the cabin.

Zion Mt. Ranch cabin side