Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Finally got to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier at iPic. I had heard a lot of good reviews for the movie, so I tried to calm my expectations so that they wouldn’t be set so high and ruin the film. After watching, I can see why everyone has rated it so highly. Although the plot was pretty simple and classic, it still had a level of complexity to it and was well tied together and executed. The one-liners were amusing, the characters nicely balanced out in development, and the action sequences were astounding, although sometimes the shaky-camera style took a little too much away from the spectacular action.

It’s a formulaic film to be sure, but there’s lazy creativity formula following, and then there’s high octane formula perfecting. Basically, this is the art of blockbuster movie-making at its finest.

I enjoyed it, and I even got comic book dressed for the occasion.

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