Reflections: Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2013


Ever since the LAFOB moved to USC, I’ve been having a blast at this amazing event. Don’t get me wrong, Bruins, it was all cool when it was over at your campus, but us Trojans do like the more central location that makes the event more accessible to people ^_~

This year was particularly amazing. It’s the third year that I’ve been there with all my students at Literacy Guild and as a published author. I had so much fun meeting friends, old and new, and one thing that really amazed me was people who had picked up a copy of The Legend of Phoenix Mountain in previous years were actually making an effort to come back to the booth and tell me how much they enjoyed it. Let me tell you what this does to a writer–it’s makes me write more! I was already working on book two for both Phoenix Mountain and COWBOY NINJA, but with all the positive reviews from readers, I’m really motivated to have book two for both done by next year’s Festival. That is a TALL order, let me tell you, given that I run my own business, but I’m going to go for it. Life’s just too short to procrastinate!