How Invicta Fighting Championships Changed My View of Women (Part 2 of 2)

Having only a limited sampling of female martial artists, I unconsciously built a stereotype of what a female mixed martial artist would be like, modeled primarily on myself. Like all stereotypes, it was an overly simplified view of the world, and even though it wasn’t a hard rule I lived by, it colored the way I viewed all women.

As expected, I’d always been more of a “tom boy” than a “girly girl”. I have a general distaste for make-up, heels, jewelry, and anything that has a negative association for me with the objectification of women. Thus, I unconsciously expected that women who were girly couldn’t possibly be fighters or interested in mixed martial arts.

Reality is always the best medicine to shatter a simple-minded stereotype.

And that’s what Invicta FC provided for me. A rich landscape sampling of mixed martial artist women.

The resounding truth about female mixed martial artists it that they are many things.

They are mothers.

They are daughters.

They are “girly”.

They are “tom boys”.

They are sexy.

They are formidable.

They are survivors.

They are confident.

Yes, they are many things, but what they have in common is that each and every one of them is a fighter.

What has this rich sampling of female mixed martial artists taught me? That whenever I meet a woman, no matter how much detested make-up she’s wearing, no matter how disgustingly high her heels might be, no matter how smart or how stupid she might seem, no matter how confident or how weak she might appear to me, underneath it all, she could be a fighter.

And if I let myself be limited by my own stereotypical views, I would miss out on the reality of how cool she really is.