5 Reasons Why I am a Fan of Cristiane Cyborg


1. She’s strong.

Whatever people’s opinion of her, there’s no doubt that Cyborg is strong. And not just strong for a girl. Just strong. For anyone. I love this video of her body slamming Tito Ortiz.

Throwing people around is just what she does.

2. She’s nice.

Right after her fight with Faith Van Duin, Cyborg clearly goes over to make sure she’s okay and to give her a gesture of encouragement. Poor sportsmanship in MMA athletes is especially annoying to me, because in a sport where testing yourself means punching someone else in the face, if you have no respect for your opponent, then you have no respect for yourself and devalue the spirit of martial arts.

@criscyborg consoles Faith Van Duin after their fight at #InvictaFC13

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3. She’s hardworking.

All the fighters work hard, but there’s just something about Cyborg’s routine that just looks harder and more rigorous, and she looks like she got to that level by working harder than anyone. One of my pet peeves is when women avoid weigh lifting or other more challenging physical activity because they’re afraid of “getting too big”. As if one could *accidentally* get buff. It annoys me when women say that because they basically discount the amount of hard work women actually have to put in to get buff, and even with the amount of work out Cyborg puts in, she’s not even HUGE. Besides, I’m also annoyed with women who are afraid of being buff because they don’t have the same concept of feminine beauty that I have. Cyborg is gorgeous, and I aspire to get a body like hers.

4. She’s got potential.

Cyborg is not undefeated. However, it definitely feels that she has not been really challenged, so her loss to Jorina Baars in a muay thai fight, though sad for a fan like me, is also a happy result for a fan like me at the same time. Challenge breeds growth and development, and who doesn’t want to see a more awesome Cyborg?

5. She’s humble.

Right after she won her bout against Faith Van Duin, Cyborg was asked about being so dominant in all her fights, and the first thing she brings up is her loss to Baars in muay thai. Also, every time she wins, she always reacts as if she couldn’t believe that she had won, that she’s so thankful. Although sometimes this reaction feels rather laughable because she usually is so overwhelming and dominant over her opponents, her reaction is genuine.

In a world where physically strong women are still looked down upon for being too masculine, Cyborg’s very existence serves to defy that rule. I wanna be like Cris!