Cowboy Ninja

Cowboy Ninja
Series Summary
Pat loves adventures, but when she and her family move out West, she finds herself surrounded by crooked cowboys, bounty hunters, and all sorts of other unsavory characters. The last thing she expects is for an outlaw known as Cowboy Ninja to come to her rescue and take her on the wildest of adventures across the frontier.

Volume 1
Cowboy Ninja and the Schoolmarm
Pat’s got her hands full trying to be the town teacher ever since her mother died, but the Old American West is a dangerous place. Luckily, the mysterious Cowboy Ninja is in town to save the day.

Volume 2 (Coming soon)
Cowboy Ninja and the Chinese Princess
A Chinese princess arrives at Tawny in a nailed up box. Pat and the Cowboy Ninja try to help the poor princess, but they soon find out the trouble she’s brought to their peaceful little town might be more than they can handle.

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